Savita Bhabhi Goes To Hollywood

The animated desi porn feature has been dubbed in English and will release in DVD and web format mainly targetting the US audience

Pop Team December 13, 2021


The cult Indian comic strip’s celluloid format, “Savita Bhabhi Movie” that released in May this year, opened to vast phallic and yonic acclaim worldwide. The Hindi animated feature has now been dubbed in English and will be released in a DVD and web format soon for the US market largely, and will also be available across the world. The movie has been dubbed by professional voice artists of Indian origin rather than American actors to maintain an authentic feel to the characters. The makers are keeping their identities confidential. Creator Deshmukh says, “We have received a lot of interest from overseas users and this step was in response to the requests from those fans. The plan is now to enter the “Savita Bhabhi Movie” in international film festivals since we have an English version.” “The Savita Bhabhi Movie” will be the first ever adult Indian movie marketed in Hollywood. Besides that the movie will also be making it’s way to some adult movie festivals. Being reticent on details, Deshmukh said, “I am expecting some news in the next month or so.” The exceptionally racy “Malai tikka” dialogues English version would be interesting to lend an ear and eyes to again. The movie will soon be available on the official website.