Did Gauhar Khan Deserve To Be Bigg Boss?

The reality TV starlet went on to win the reality show, but her wolf-crying and fight-a-day gameplan says a lot about the voyeuristic prime time viewer who got her those votes. An insight

Jas January 7, 2022

There is not a shred of dispute here - it’s a house of chaos. For three months (and couple of days), the doors of Heaven and Hell opened up in “Bigg Boss Season 7.” We got a colourful lot to watch day in day out – a lot of devils, if I may take the liberty to add, (barring Heaven, the dog of course). And as much as we berated and cursed and cussed the show for its warped content, we tuned in, every night, the cheap voyeurs we are and reveled in the mercurial highs and lows of the inmates.

“Bigg Boss” grew on us. It was fodder for gossip, for chatty chats, for armchair psychoanalysis of contestants and human behavior, for revealing a bit of us by taking sides. Even “24” on Colors was sidelined as the House turned into this magnet for TRPs. Just when we were hooked, cooked and booked, the D-Day arrived and sent the audience in a tizzy of guessing game.

There were shock waves when Andy (Anand Vijay Kumar) was first finalist to go. Hope suffered a blow when Sangram Singh exited. As entertaining as Ajaz Khan was, the Ek Number Manas was never winning material, which leaves us with the ladies. Somewhere we knew Tanissha would fail – her popularity dipped when she started letting Armaan Kohli do the talking for her. Which brings us to Gauahar Khan. The winner.

A worthy one? That’s quite debatable. For starters, the girl’s a screamer, a howler suffering from I, Me, Myself ADD syndrome. Believe it or not, her shrill voice is still ringing in our ears. She picked a fight on day one, thereby marking her territory of “mess with me, and I will create a scene.” And scenes she created throughout the show: every task was a big deal, every teeny weeny bit to do with Kushal Tandon, locking heads with Andy and Tanissha, crying foul over things that didn’t go her way. See, that’s the thing about Gauahar is that it had to be her way or no way. It didn’t matter if she bitched, gossiped or tweaked the rules, but it was morphed into this major issue if anyone else did. Where everything else failed, she used the trump card most women in India are flashing: the woman empowerment flag.

Most of the votes ringed in for this “how can you do this to a girl” card, some came from arguing with Salman Khan, some courtesy her good looks and the rest from the romantic liaisons with Kushal. All this brings us back to the question: did she or did she not deserve? No, she did not. There were better people, players other than this cry, controlling spoilt baby, Sangram Singh for instance, even Andy. She won nonetheless. Ah, how we love drama queens.



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