LMFAO Confirm Debut India Tour In March, 2014

The American EDM duo of Redfoo and Sky Blu reunite for a special two city gig of the country

Pop Team February 14, 2022

LMFAOYou know it’s going to be a hectic gig season finale, when not one but two EDM legends arrive at your shores. After Deadmau5 confirmed his India tour in March, another award-winning, chart-topping EDM sensation have confirmed their Indian outing this spring. America’s sexiest EDM duo LMFAO of rapper royalty Redfoo and electro-pop artist Sky Blu, will be bringing their mad sounds to  New Delhi and Mumbai on March 8 and 9, 2014. The dates for the Who Came To Part Tour have been announced by Outcry Entertainment.

 The creators of dancefloor anthems like Sexy And I Know It, Party Rock Anthem, I’m In Miami Bitch and Champagne Showers bring their unhinged energy to hip-hop and dance music. Plus they can teach how to wiggle correctly. This will be a reunion tour of sorts for LMFAO, who are currently on a hiatus to pursue their solo careers. 

Sending out a message to his fans in India, Sky Blu says, “ I’m super excited to be finally making a trip down to India thanks to my friend Saurabh Choudhary.  I want to make the India a party planet and I’m gonna throw the biggest party ever where everyone comes and has a blast. Are you ready?”

Oh yes we are. Ticket details and venue confirmations will be announced soon.