Must Watch Video: In Praise Of Sunny Leone’s First Item Number

Pakistani boys make one hell of a video every Bollywood fan must watch

Pop Team March 24, 2022


Sunny Leone. What a storm she has been cooking up right since she joined Bollywood. And the Indian household of Sabhyata and sanskaar seemed to have been disappearing for good from the Indian entertainment scene anyway, and with her entrance on screens, both large and small, people seemed to have just let her do things her way- traditional bullshit a damn given to. Over time though, she seems to have formed this strange sort of connection with the people, making not just a lot of hard critics but also quite a few fans. And all in the name of fandom, these boys from Pakistan made the following video. Whether this video was made in support of her upcoming Ragini MMS Part 2 item song Baby Doll or as a satirical troll against it is yet unknown, but one thing is sure: one way or the other, quite literally, Sunny Leone knows how to garner publicity, even if she is not directly linked with it.





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