Preview: Varun Athreya To Perform At Standing Room Only Vol 3

The third edition of the weekly indie gigs will also feature Ricksha Rani at The Hive, Bandra

Pop Team April 1, 2022


Pop Splat’s Standing Room Only Vol 3 at The Hive is the place to be if you are looking for a chilled out evening to spend listening to good, mellow original stuff! On April 4, 2014, singer songwriters Varun Athreya and Sasha Chhetri aka Ricksha Rani take you through their own journeys through music. Here’s a lowdown on what you can expect at the gig.


Varun Athreya is a Mumbai-based singer songwriter, working on his material for the last three years. He used to be a vocalist for rock band Summerpint Junkie a good seven years before that. While his music influences include everything from acoustic sets to pop, rock ‘n’ roll to funk, progressive and industrial rock to trip-hop and electronica, his music reflects the world as he sees it- a symbiotic blend of nature, human emotions and the unknown. His set is composed of both English and Hindi tracks, and sometime into the future, he will have tracks in his native language joining the fray too.  Besides making music, he loves to write, read, travel, absorb new experiences and share his music with anyone willing to listen. His set at Standing Room Only will be composed entirely of originals. Athreya says “I want my music to take me all over the world, that’s the unrealistic ambition”. We sure hope it does!



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Daunting - that’s the best way to describe singer-songwriter Sasha Chhetri aka Ricksha Rani’s music best. The simplicity in her music’s instrumental structure and the mellowness of her voice coincide into each other to form a riveting flow of emotion. She says  “I have been composing music seriously since I was 14. Music is what I do. Its who I am. Its what keeps me sane.” She states that the largest influences in her music have been Sufi, Punk Rock, Jazz, and Pahadi folk.  Her two pronged musical experimentation delve into searching for the perfect sync between emotion and melody, and “moving into a fully folk sound, packaged in electronic – under the label of Ricksha Rani.” For those wondering, her stage moniker is an ode to her constant traveling and meeting new people. At the Hive, her set at Standing Room Only, her set shall be composed of originals and covers. Speaking more on the origin of her music she says, ” From happy places and into memories. I use my music to remember things, places and people I’ve met along my journey so far.” If that sounds dreamy to you, listen to here music here.



  • Attend Standing Room Only Vol 3 featuring Varun Athreya and Sasha Chhetri aka Ricksha Rani  at The Hive, Bandra West. Entry pay what you want. RSVP here.



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