The Hive To Host Dreamcatcher Weaving Workshop

Designer and musician Siddhi Shah will be acquainting you with the native North American practice

Pop Team April 3, 2022


Mystics and Earth lovers, your attention please. The Hive is going to be host to a one-of-a-kind Dreamcatcher Weaving and Healing Workshop this Sunday, April 6, 2014. Conducted by Dark Reflections’s Siddhi Shah, the two-hour long workshop is exactly what you need to be attending  if you want to learn not just the intricacies of this delicate art, but also the brilliance of an art form that finds its roots in Native American Indian culture.

pop splat--siddhi artistphotoSiddhi Shah, who is conducting the workshop explains “We at Dark Reflections teach people how to make dreamcatchers. Weaving a dreamcatcher web is a meditative process and symbolically relates to the web of life. With the release of our Wilderness range of Dreamcatchers, we have reinstated our stand towards shamanic traditions.” As the name of the object itself states, a dreamcatcher is primarily used to ward of nightmares, and is a good way to improve your life on a whole. But the brilliance of dream catchers lie in the myriad explanations that the different cultures around the world propagate about it.

The workshop is open to all and in Shah’s own words, “This workshop will benefit people of all ages and from all walks of life. 6yrs of age onwards, everyone is welcome to attend.” Shah further explains “The creation and use of dreamcatchers involve co-relation with the laws of nature and connecting with nature on spiritual levels. We also deal with natural and organic healing using crystals and various stones. We use feathers (collected as drops. No birds harmed), pods, shells, beads (wood and clay) and add charms to enhance the symbolic significance. We put special emphasis on all these natural materials that we use as these are a direct link with the positive energies and goodwill of nature.”

Since these are also used as personal items, Shah clarifies, “The object is symbolically bound to a person, getting personal items make sense. At this workshop, we are simply teaching people the art of making a dreamcatcher, and all basic material is provided by us. People who attend have the choice of bringing along some personal charms to add to their dreamcatchers or can do so at a later time. In this workshop, we will be teaching two web patterns.”



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