Evian’s New Ad: Because Spiderman Can Sell Anything

Mineral water brand makes a funky video on Spiderman, more than their own product

Alden Dsilva April 4, 2022

Have you ever had that moment in life when you are watching a clip on screen and wondering “Hey I wonder what movie is this?”, or “Whoa, looks like a cool series to catch up on!” just to be confused when you realize its just an advertisement for some soda or a soap? Well that’s how massive advertising has become in today’s scenario of blink and miss, or rather, click and miss. With budgets going through the roof to gain every prospective buyer’s attention and money, its no surprise at all that everything on screen looks larger than life. always. Like this ad from mineral water brand Evian. We did not quite figure what the product had to do with reference to the video, but it sure managed to get our attention, and put a smile on our faces too.




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