How To Play A Prank: Brazil Style

Brazilian YouTube channel makes simple yet awesome prank go viral

Alden Dsilva April 4, 2022

So, April Fools’ Day went by a few days back, and with that happening, we started wondering where this entire “April Fool” business began. Multiple theories suggest multiple beginnings. The most common belief was that the shifting of the New Year’s Day from April 1 in the Julian Calendar t January 1 in the Gregorian calendar led to a whole lot of confusion among, well, everybody, and this is where the day became an event, and with the passage of time, more and more pranks came to be associated with it. Another theory states its connection with the different seasons, the third with Chinese belief systems and some theories go as far as blaming the Illuminati for the day being celebrated. And among all of the different theories, we found this gem of a prank.

Simple, quick and extremely funny, here’s why you don’t need to be too elaborate to get your friends prank’d. Whether it has a connection with April Fools’, we do not know, but hey, as long as we are all having a good laugh. This particular video is from Brazil.




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