Frozen’s “Let It Go” Goes Global, Literally

Singing a single song in 25 languages seems like a piece of cake for Disney

Alden Dsilva April 8, 2022

It’s one thing to make movies that captures emotions and hearts around the world, its another to take merchandising, advertising and follow up videos to another level altogether. And that’s exactly what Disney seems to be doing no matter what direction they take their brand of entertainment in. Is it any surprise at all then that no matter how young a target audience Disney tries to make movies and series for, people of all ages throng cinema halls,  buy DVDs, download from the internet, buy key chains and bags and what not for everything possible!

So when the world’s most popular kiddie entertainment company decided to make a video of women from around the world singing Let It Go from the 2013-released animated super hit feature, “Frozen” there was no surprise that this video went viral instantly. Also, the feeling of people from around the world coming together to make this video gives a  very one world feel. And that’s awesome.





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