Eada Bawa To Play Standing Rom Only Vol 4

‘Universal’ music is the flavour for this edition of the weekly gig

Alden Dsilva April 9, 2022



Standing Room Only enters its fourth week, and for this edition of Pop Splat’s weekly music gig at The Hive has electronic project Eada Bawa doing a two hour long set replete with sounds from a great big mix of genres and subgenres of music. Happening on Friday, April 11, 2014, 9 PM onwards, the gig shal continue with its “Pay What You Want Scene”, where audiences are encouraged to promote the music scene however they wish to.

Eada Bawa (on right) during an acoustic set

Eada Bawa (on right) during an acoustic set

Eada Bawa keeps his identity to a minimal, finding solace instead in his stage alias. Speaking more on the origin of funky name, he explains “Different groups of people called me different names when we would hang out, and Eada Bawa was the most frequently used one.” Music is something that comes to him easily, and as is something that he remembers being connected to right from a young age.   ““My music is a mix of various genres put into a grinder, and the outcome is what we call ‘universal music. Also, it’s served best when “chilled””. He continues, “Music is a life force, it’s an energy for me.  Music makes me move ahead. The aim is to reach international audiences on several different levels.” .

Eada Bawa also has quite a bit to speak about his journey through music. He says “I worked for the BPO industry for seven years, where I wrote 70% of my material.  It’s been 3 years since then; now I breathe, eat and sleep music. I started this journey in music at this place called ‘kasba the sheesha Joint ‘. Followed that with a lot of appearances at the Zenzi Open Mic Nights, the Anjuna night market, a three-week tour of Laxman Jhula in Rishikesh, an early set at the Blue Frog, the Art Hop in bandra and almost 10 hours a month on the western and central railways as part of the NSPA (ngo) for a year and few months.”

A two hour long set at Standing Room Only, Eada Bawa has quite a bit planned for the evening “My set is going to be composed of original compositions of mine; songs and a short electronic set that I have been working on through the years.” He further continues “I will be accompanied by tabla player Rahul Bhakshi, who is also a part of the NSPA (National Street for Performing Arts). Maybe we’ll have a surprise guest vocalist as well.”

From the looks of it, you don’t to miss this gig at all, especially if you like experimental electronic music!


  • For an RSVP to Standing Room Only, Vol 4 and more details, click here.



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