Stop Making Sense At The Hive

The week-long group show feature eight artists whose works range from pop-art to abstract art

Pop Team April 12, 2022

STOP  MAKING  SENSE  episode  four

If you have been to The Hive, Khar, you know that the place has a very kaleidoscopic setting and atmosphere: every nook and corner opens up to something interesting, something colourful, something vivid. This becomes even truer right now, since the community centre and art haven is hosting Stop Making Sense, an exhibition on art by a myriad range of artists. Artists on the billing include Abhishek Gupta, Abhishek Tawde, Deepali Dabholkar, Joshua Fernandez, Ketki Fadnis, Kiran KP, Payal Arya, Sakshi Kapoor, Shivani S Singhal and Siddhi Parekh. The art show has been curated by their teacher and Dharavi Art Room co-founder Himanshu S, who has also put up his works at the exhibit. Being held at The Hive from April 12 to 18, 2014, the exhibition is a visual treat from start to finish. Right now, all of The Hive is in the process of getting set for the week of colour burst and artistic expression: artists have been in the process of setting up their art, which literally goes beyond the scope of styling- while pop culture seems to be the theme in most of the pieces on display, there is also the occasional inclusion of abstract art, geometrical abstraction, charcoal sketches, papier mache art, and what not. That’s basically the idea behind Stop Making Sense, says Himanshu. This is the fourth group show in the series.  


Geography-inspired artwork by Ketki Fadnis

“The thought is to get artists from different  disciplines of art to come showcase their own work. Art is quite a subjective topic, and so, to have a specific theme for an art exhibition does not really make too much sense. Which is why having the exhibition at an art gallery is not really something that makes sense. Just because someone does not understand or like art of a particular kind does not mean that it is not a piece of art, or good for that matter.” Himanshu also told us that the Stop Making Sense series of exhibitions first started out in Bengaluru in 2009, followed by subsequent editions in Mumbai in 2011 and October 2013 respectively. He continues, “Our next edition is pretty surely going to be in May.”

Sakshi Kapoor installing her artwork.

Sakshi Kapoor’s take on Sivakasi

It’s quite a visual feast, this exhibition. Each of the exhibits have the ability to stir quite a few reactions. While some of the pieces of the art here is on sale, other pieces are purely for display purposes. As Sakshi one of the artists displaying her works stated, “These pieces are very dear to me, and I wouldn’t want to sell them, ever.” Himanshu reiterates,  “The different artists here are at different points in their careers, some have been into art as a career for long, some others are still studying art. But one thing is sure: these are all representations of different people’s perceptions from different points in time, which is why they made it. That’s what’s interesting about art.”

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  • Stop Making Sense is on at  The Hive, Khar from April 12-18, 2014, timings 6 pm to 11. 30 pm. More deets here.



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