Photos: Krishna Marathe At Standing Room Only

The eletro-fusion artist combined gave a mesmerizing performance, while Jeet Zitar created a dark sonic ambience

Alden Dsilva April 21, 2022

April 18, 2022:    Ethno-electronic fusion was the flavour of the night at The Hive for the fifth edition of Standing Room Only, PopSplat’s weekly night. 

Jeet Gupta aka Jeet Zitar opened the night at Standing Room Only. His set was an intense amalgamation of traditionally Indian sounds mixed with electronic music. The experience of Jeet Zitar’s music is highly evocative of dark forest imageries, and this is where his music excels most: it puts you in a trance-like state, and you just want the pulsating music to never end. Though it took him a while to get into the groove, Gupta managed to finish his set with an adrenaline rush. The music got progressively structured, darker and we saw a tear run down his cheek as the beat dropped for the final time. His best song for the night was Fractal Yatra and he even played new, unreleased material.

Krishna Marathe’s music, on the reverse, was soothing and gentle. She combined Indian classical ragas with chilled-out electronic music, the performance area transformed from a room into a whole universe of sound and light. Her flute play and electro-sax chops combined with her vocal instrumentation gave the music a passionately ethereal feel. While all of the songs that Marathe played were played to perfection, Bhimpalasi and Kesariya were the crowd favourites for the night.

Pictures - Sushant Sawant Photography/

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    Listen to the Sounds of Jeet Zitar… (loads of music for free download)

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