The Singing Kabootar: Old School Greetings Offline

Here’s how you can wish and greet on special occasions, with a twist

Alden Dsilva April 24, 2022

Imagine a whole troop of musicians landing up at your doorstep on your birthday, just to sing your favourite songs and liven up an already super day. This is what musicians Shrikant Sreenivasan (guitarist of Coshish , The Chudail & Demons) and Amanda Sodhi (vocalist of The Chudail & Demons) have come up with; a very novel way to make your wishes and greetings for loved ones much more innovative, fun and memorable through the newly-launched “The Singing Kabootar” service. An ode to the ancient tradition of sending pigeons across to deliver messages and information, The Singing Kabootar is a breather for those who are lost for ideas every time they want to wish their close ones on special occasions.

Amanda Sodhi and Shrikant Sreenivasan

“The idea came about when we realized that many people in Mumbai are too busy to be present on all special occasions and such people end up feeling bad for not being there for their loved ones. Also, many NRIs feel sad that they are not with their family in India on holidays and other events. The Singing Kabootar reminds people of how special they are even when a loved one is absent,” says Sreenivasan. The service caters to all special occasions ranging from birthdays and anniversaries to celebrations like Diwali, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and what not.  What’s awesome about the service is the personalized greetings that you do decide to dedicate are deliverable all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

Sreenivasan is forwarding the cause of local musicians too with this particular service. He says “Through The Singing Kabootar, we’re putting our skills as musicians to use by combining live music performances with special occasions to allow people to make their loved ones feel special on occasions. The roster of artists currently includes me, Amanda Sodhi, my guitar student Shijo Thomas, Thomas Albert who performs with NSPA, and Eternal Decemeber members, Sujit Chavan and Krishna Khandelwal.”

There are different combinations in which The Singing Kabootar can make your occasion special: while the musicians themselves will play guitars and sing along, what they also can get along with them are cakes, flowers, chocolates, balloons, greeting cards, etc. The musicians are all up for forwarding the cause of the Indian music scene, and shall play music by local bands also on request.As if things were not filmy enough already, you could also ask the guys from The Singing Kabootar to help you propose your love for that special someone by writing, composing and recording a one-of-a-kind song along with the team. Do all of that, and film the actual proposal, and there are very high chances that your partner-to-be will be left speechless for quite a while.

You could check The Singing Kabootar’s Facebook page here.



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