Demonic Resurrection Release New Single

The six minute ouutake ‘Death, Desolation and Despair’ from their upcoming album is dark as hell

Alden Dsilva May 10, 2022


Demonic Resurrection yesterday released their debut single Death, Desolation and Despair, from their upcoming album, “The Demon King.” While the album is set to release in July 2014, this single release is also part of a compilation by the band’s international recording label, Candlelight Records. The compilation features 29 tracks by bands from around the world, including Italian melodic blackened doom band Shores Of Null, Norwegian black metal act Throne Of Katarsis, and UK stoner metal act, Sigiriya.

The six minute track is “majestic” personified from the very first second. The sound is clearly one that Demonic Resurrection has demarcated as its own. It is perhaps the only band in the country that involves elements of power and death metal onto a skeleton of black metal the way it does. The song is seemingly un-technical in it’s structure, until you pay close attention to the multiple layers involved adding to the symphonic appeal of the track. Drummer Virendra Kaith has done a brilliant job with a wide array of drum techniques adding to the massiveness of the track. A headbanger’s delight, this track, if representative of the upcoming album “The Demon King”, is something most of the band’s fans and critics alike are going to look forward to.



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