Photos: The Blues Booster Club Play At The Hive

Another superb performance by ADM Revival at the culture hub

Alden Dsilva May 13, 2022

May 9, 2014:  Dave Matthews once said “Good music is good music, and everything else can go to hell.” Well, that’s precisely the mood that was set at The Hive on Friday night as ADM Revival and The Blues Booster Club played two super sets at the weekly edition of Pop Splat’s Standing Room Only. A gig that paid tribute to two of the swankiest genres of music around viz the blues and jazz, like we guessed, this was a gig not to miss if you like the particular brands of music. 

ADM Revival were the first band to play at the gig. The duo of Nabeel Lakhani and Nicholas Vaz mesmerized the small but steadily increasing audience with their extremely jumpy, fun-sounding,dance-inspiring music. In the absence of their bassist Arjun Thakur, the duo played a set that sounded intensely Mediterranean-inspired, and in turn inspiring an imagery of being on a cool, sun-setting beach, with lovely music playing on. Their brand of gypsy jazz is potent enough to make even the The on stage camaraderie that the two share was also a good addition to the light mood their music set in. Their best song for the night was without a doubt, Limehouse Blues, followed closely by Minor Swing.

The Blues booster Club were the second and final band for the event. Consisting of Marc Bienfot on guitars and vocals, Evelyn Marolf on vocals and Onur Uskay on drums, it was very interesting to see how most of the audience as well consisted of expats during their set. The band played a very fun set, consisting of both covers as well as  original material. The band got into a very intimate, chilled out setting with the audience, and though their music was not exactly as tight as expected, listening to them was a whole lot of fun, and that’s what always makes for more of a fun gig to be at. Their best songs for the night were their original composition Creole Pondicherry, and also their cover of The Beatles’ Come Together. 

Pictures : Dhananjay Mane Photography/

For more photos from the event, click here.



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