Nischay Parekh Video Release: Panda

New video for comparatively old song is a total pleasure to watch, over and over

Alden Dsilva May 15, 2022

Kolkata’s indie pop singer-songwriter Nischay Parekh released a super cool, super-trippy video for his song “Panda”, which originally released a good six months ago on the album, “Ocean”. What’s fantastic about the video is the randomness of all the different psychedelic visuals against the backdrop of guitarist and singer Nischay Parekh and his music ensemble, consisting of Jivraj ‘Jiver’ Singh on drums and Dylan Varner Hartley on keyboards. Visuals are inclusive of plants with eyes waving in the breeze, schools of fish spinning around the musicians’ heads, a panda in a heart sketch, dogs running around, and what not. There’s nothing like listening to a super sweet song, while watching a cutesy psychedelic video along with. A definite recommend.



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