Video Release: Superwoman, Humble The Poet collaborate on #Leh

Punjabi gangsta’ rap gets it’s ultimate hashtag rebuttal

Sharin Bhatti July 2, 2022


This was just waiting to happen. Canadian Punjabi artists Superwoman (Lilly Singh) and Humble the Poet (Kanwer Singh) rapped out everything wrong with their generation, in the bargain giving Punjabis their biggest trending topic #Leh. Take a cue from the opening verse
“Four thousand dollars on a purse… LEH/Still got tuition bills to pay… LEH/Swiping daddy’s card at the club… LEH/Tweeting ’bout life being hard… LEH/Say you hate mama, cause she’s dumb… LEH/Living free, eating good food, no rent…/Say you hate drama queens like your friends…/But girl you the one with the crown on your head… LEH/OMG LOL, you got us saying LEH, you ridiculous as hell.” The video shot in the driveway of a palatial mansion surrounded by some mean wheels and hot bods, while pimped out in designer gear à la Kanye West Drake that quickly turns to ghetto, #Leh is the antagonist to Yo Yo Honey Singh and Gippy Grewal’s hot-headed and misogynist scenes.





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