Girl Power At BOMB Thursdays Tonight

Eclectic act Space and The Chudail & Demons will perform iin Andheri

Pop Team May 16, 2022

Artwork: Namaah Kumar

Bring your hipster face on tonight for BOMB Thursday’s Girl Power edition tonight at Kino 108,  Mumbai. After last week’s fresh talent, organizers ennui.BOMB have put together an eclectic two-artist lineup for tonight. Kolkata-based vocalist Tritha Sinha will be bringing her outfit experimental outfit Space to the stage, followed by Amanda Sodhi’s ghostly pop-rock outfit The Chudail & Demons. Here’s a little bit about both the girls and their new-age music.


The Kolkata-based trio of singers/guitarists Tritha Sinha and Ritika Singh along with drummer Paul Schneiter have been performing in mostly clubs across their hometown and Delhi since 2011. Sinha’s multi-educated vocal skills from Hindustani classical to sufi, jazz and mimicking the stylings of Bjork and Janis Joplin have given Space’s music a unique blend. Space’s music falls under the space of electro fusion.



The Mumbai-based pop-rock outfit is fronted by filmmaker, writer and vocalist Amanda Sodhi. The Chudail & Demons are supported by Shrikant Sreenivasan on guitars, Jayakrishnan Unnithan on keyboards, Pratik Kulgod  on drums and Chirayu Vedekar on bass. The music is a combination of jazz, pop, rock and folk with songs written in Hindi and English.


  • Attend BOMB Thursdays Girl Power tonight at Kino 108, Andheri, 930 pm onwards. Entry Rs 200. Details here.