Videos: The Outside Track Exploded At Bomb Thursdays

Irish folk band mesmerizes, local bands add to the night’s vigour

Alden Dsilva December 23, 2021

December 19, 2021: It’s always a fun night when it is a BOMB Thursdays night. Great music, splendid artists and a spirit of the good times flowing is what this fortnightly event is all about and this last one was no different. What made it stand out even more? Having a band all the way from Ireland coming down to give a performance to etch memories for a long, long while.

The night started off with Eargasm giving a highly-spirited performance, replete with not just music that spoke of great passion towards their music, but each instrumentalist’s contribution to the final sound that they produced. One of the most striking features of their set was seeing the history behind each and every song; these were not just songs they played, they were tunes and lyrics intertwined with stories, stories of the band member’s, both present and past, and made for a good connect for the audience. While the band is a comparatively newer band, they sound fairly wholesome as a group, and the future definitely looks promising.

While the first band spoke of the thematic influences of their music, Pinnochio’s Moment Of Clarity from Pune, who were next up on stage, turned the tides right from their first song. While vocalist Shashank chandak made for some highly zealous singing, he also brought upon a whole lot of character and atmosphere to the music as he worked on the electronic sound that they produced. Being atmospherically charged then, Pinnochio’s Moment Of Clarity’s music stood tall as an additional character, one that was having intense moments of life and learning. Their music was a roller coaster of emotions, and one that audiences at Kino 108 seemed to love.

Ireland’s The Outside Track were the final band for the evening. While the band were supposed to be the surprise act at BOMB Thursdays, organizers perhaps showed pure brilliance in getting the band to perform, since they were playing the next day at IIT-Bombay’s Mood Indigo fest. On stage stood the members of the band, armed with a plethora of folk instruments including the accordion, a fiddle, a flute, an acoustic guitar and lastly the beautiful sounding harp. Their music instantaneously transported the audiences into the lush green meadows and fjords of the Irish highlands. While that quality is oft thought exaggerated, the band did seem to have the capacity to move audiences, with their simple, yet so much-awe inspiring music.  Audiences tapped and swayed to their music, and as musical nights go, this one was definitely one that ended on the happiest note possible.

We have videos:

photos:  Sushant Sawant Photography



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