Videos: Post Rock and Eclectic Sounds at BOMB Thusdays

The two super-ambient bands at this edition of the gig leave audience in a tizzy

Alden Dsilva November 10, 2021

November 07, 2021: BOMB Thursdays at Kino 108 is fast becoming one of the loveliest hubs to check out the independent music scene and vibe that the country’s many corners and nooks has to offer. So, when you have two bands that belt out music that is not only superb on the ears but make for great stories too, you know you are at the right place.

Pune’s A Mutual Question were the first on stage, and the post rockers that they are, their music was nothing less than walking into a whole new ambient world, with a very “Avatar”-esque feel to their music. What was superb about their music was the minimalist use of lyrics, depending more on vocalist’s Proteesh Ravi’s random sounds and screams. Heavy on sampling and a rich bass line, there was little negative to find with the band’s performance. Best songs for the night: Farm Furls and Awakener.

Tritha Electric was the next band on the list.  With Tritha Sinha on vocals, Mattias Durand on guitars and Paul Schneiter on drums, the ethno-grunge trio provided possibly the liveliest and most trippy set that the venue has ever seen. Perhaps the best term to describe their set would be aural-porn, because that’s how good they sounded. Their music was this brilliant weaving of high and lows, unfathomable guitar play, brilliantly off-timed drums and vocalist Sinha using a range of interesting instruments including the Tibetan prayer bowl, two types of whistles and a guitar. Also, her voice modulation was out of this world going from a calm, soothing mezzo to a compelling high-pitched soprano in a matter of seconds, and there was such conviction with each song she sang, ethereal almost her voice was, like being in a dream. Add to that flautist Shirish Malhotra, who joined the act for their set belting some insane solos and rhythms on clarinet, flute and saxophone. Given that eclectic mix of sound and sensibilities and the band’s ability to connect with the audience, it’s performances like these that make you want live music more and more. Best songs for the night: Nizam Ud Din and Fish Market. 

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