Esho Funi Drop Music Video

A Bit High is from the electronica duo’s upcoming debut EP

Pop Team July 5, 2022

Picture: Vijaya Josephine Pais

Bridging the gap between their shared spiritual synergy and blues-y rock  influences, the two-member electronica duo Esho Funi’s  songwriting is a subset of that fusion. Made of guitarist Zohran Miranda and vocalist Aparna Dauria, Esho Funi have been making a bit of noise since 2012, when singles from their upcoming EP began appearing on their soundcloud page. The meditative Refractal, pop-friendly Dragon Gate and the psychedelic A Bit High.

While the seven-track EP still waits to see a release date, this week the duo released the music video for A Bit High. Created by filmmaker/artist Sadek Merchant, the four-minute visual capsule shows an artist’s impression of an LSD high. Merchant employed rotoscope animation to give the video a vibrant water-colour  effect.


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