Japan’s Shonen Knife To play At The New Wave Musicfest 2014

The crowdfunded fest to also feature a massive line up of local and international artists

Alden Dsilva May 17, 2022
shonen knife2

Japanese Pop Act Shonen Knife

How often do you come across an event property so large that it has “.asia” as a domain suffix? Well, ennui.BOMB is in for the big haul this time, with a gig of such epic proportions that it actually has bands and artists from all over the continent.The first ever New Wave MusicFest 2014 is being held on November 15 and 16, 2014 at an undisclosed location in the more than beautiful state of Goa, and the fest has quite an impressive roster lined up.

The massive line up for the fest has Japanese pop sensation Shonen Knife, Kyoto Protocol from Malaysia, Point Of View from Dubai, Youth Unite from Nepal, The Quirt Guns and Rebel Riot from Myanmar, and quite a few more international bands joining the bandwagon. Among the Indian bands already confirmed for the two day spectacle are Jynx, Frisky Pants, Tejas Menon, Run! It’s The Kid, Space Behind The Yellow Room, Grammy Winning Effort, Spud In The Box, Castles In The Sky, The Shakey Rays, The Ganesh Talkies, Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Cafe, Viceversa, Fuzz Culture, The F16’s, Laxmi Bomb, The Vinyl Records, The Elvis Lobo Project, Digital Suicide, Tritha Electric, The Supersonics, Bombay Bassment, The Circus, Peter Cat Recording Co, and Sky Rabbit. According to the organizers of the gig, ennui.BOMB, the event is still in the process of adding a lot many national as well as international bands to the billing.

There’s quite a lot of details left for announcing- like the venue for the event, where tickets for the same can be procured from and what arrangements are being made for the festival itself. However, if all things go according to ennui.BOMB’s plans, expect three stages with even more artists joining up to the list of already announced artists. The event management company itself is a host to a number of regular events in Mumbai including BOMB Thursdays, Control ALT Delete, VANS Fresh Off The Wall and House of VANS. The New Wave Musicfest 2014 is also being co-hosted by Goa-based art hub Art Escape Goa, innovation centre, and a knowledge sharing and experiential platform, running from the last five years.

For more details related to the New Wave Musicfest, you could send a mail to [email protected] or check the event page here.



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