Be Part Of The Coalition

The ultimate entrepreneur and ideation convention will be held in Delhi this March

Pop Team February 8, 2022


The Coalition is what happens when a group of talented people with the urge to do more decides to get together, pool in resources of all sorts and push forward ideas that would lead to greater change. The idea sprung up from the belief that creativity is possibly the greatest factor to growth in the 21st century, not unlike technology and innovative transformations in the 20th century. The idea by the organizers Only Much Louder and Do One thing behind The Coalition is to get people with creative ideas and business dreams, entrepreneurs of sorts, on the same page as people with the organizational know-how, the financial backing and ability to make the best business sense of an idea.  With a three day event from March 14-16,2014 to kick the entire program off, which is in essence a year-long program, if you are fueled by a passion to turn an idea into a reality, this is where you should be. The event is being held at the Buddh International Circuit in Delhi, NCR.

So who exactly does The Coalition hope to benefit? Anyone who is in the creative scope of doing business, right from music venue owners to app designers, gallerists to design studios, photo agents to fashion labels, any business that is powered  by creativity. Spanning three days, the flow of events at the program shall range from setting up a business to running a business and pitching for investment. The brilliance of the program lies in its optimal use of the venue as well- the workshops shall be conducted from the pit stop area of the F1 track, a place best known for extreme excitement, quick work and game-changing, split-second decision making.

The workshops have been aptly named “Have I got a business idea?”, “Business 101: Get set up”, “Business 201: Grow up”, “Money Matters”, “Investment Master Class”, “Tech for business”, “Intellectual property and Creative Commons”, “90-minute website”, “Pitch Perfect” and “Brand building”.  Following these workshops, there shall also be a follow-up through the year, on who has reached where in his or her agenda to setting that dream business up. Think this is what you require and would love to look at for your own plans or business ideas? Well, go for it! Oh, and yes, the first set of workshops by The Coalition work on pre-registration alone, and everything at the event is free.

  • You can register for the 3-day free “The Coalition”  event happening at the Buddh Circuit, Delhi NCR from March 14-16, 2014 here. Last date for registration: February 10, 2014.