New Single: Lay It On Me, Swarathma Featuring Wanton Bishops

What happens when two different sounding bands meet on the Red Bull Tour bus and talk about palanquin bearers

Alden Dsilva February 20, 2022

Indian indie’s folk-iest ambassadors Swarathma, recently released their new collaborative song Lay It On Me, along with Lebanese blues act The Wanton Bishops. The song is an interesting play on the cultural blends of Hindustani rock music and Lebanese folk/blues. The collaboration between the two bands for this particular track is a journey in itself. The two bands met each other on the Red Bull Tour bus in Kolkata last year. They worked the whole song out: audio and video, within 48 hours. The theme of the song was developed while having conversations  on how palanquin bearers suffer much trial and tribulation, and how everybody needs to help every body out. Swarathma are Jishnu Dasgupta, Vasu Dixit, Pavan Kumar, Varun Murali, and Sanjeev Nayak. The Wanton Bishops are Nader Mansour and Eddy Ghossein.