How Norinder Mudi Ousted Monmuhin

No we didn’t make a mistake. Our newest PM and the former head of state are the subjects of social media parody accounts run by a secret group of politcally aware citizens

Pop Team May 31, 2022
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“Guize if CSK winz tudei, fri doklaz frum my sied to everibudi,” cheers India’s most prolific and sardonic Prime Minister, Norinder Mudi. If you’re confused, let us introduce you to the dhokla-loving, duck-inspired caricature parody account that has been spreading like viral fever, virally on Facebook and Twitter since the real “Abki baar Modi sarkar” campaign began last year.  We spoke to the creator of this completely brilliant page “Mudi wave,” who also “handles” the social media accounts other politicians like MonmuhinAvrind KerjiwulModem JiPappuOrnab Goswemi and also cricketer Veroit Coahli.

Q-1. What prompted you to start these pages and how long have you been running each one of them?

The pages are inspired by Dolan - an internet language where one deliberately misspells words for the sake of humor. Also, a lot of offensive and dark humour is involved. But, the Pakistani Dolan pages on their politicians - Zordiri and Adrifi gave us an idea of making the Indian elections fun among the youth, and enjoy it in a humorous way.

Clockwise from top: Modem Ji, Avrind Kerjuwal, Norinder, Monmuhin and Pappu

Clockwise from top: Modem Ji, Avrind Kerjuwal, Norinder, Monmuhin and Pappu

Q-2. Do you run the pages alone or do you have a partner?

We are a team, and we call ourselves ‘Team Monmuhin and Co’ because Monmuhin was the first page to emerge among the lot. Other pages followed later. Right now, there are about six active admins on Norinder Mudi which are commoon in all the pages, and there are a few others who post for the other pages.

Q-3. Do you do the artwork and the script yourself?

Yes. Almost all our content is original. We work in a very informal and random way. We post satires on current news and situations. All characters are originally designed by the team.

Q-4. Do you plan to create a website with the artwork or keep it running as a page?

So far, no. We are happy posting it on Social Media networks such as Facebook and Twitter as it is easier to reach out to a large audience.

Q-5. What has been the worst and the best comment you’ve received for the page posts?

Worst comment - Well, we get a lot every day. People mistake our pages for anti-national hate without even trying to understand the humor or sarcasm behind it. We get the most hate on Norinder Mudi, where we even get threatened to be put behind bars or immature threats of being killed.

Best Comment - It is good to see ardent fans of Mr. Modi taking all our jokes in a right way, and not ruining it by hate comments. We get a lot of messages appreciating our efforts and telling us how we managed to put a smile on their face. Also, we are immensely thankful to the fans who have made this Lok Sabha election a lot of fun.

Q-6. Did you vote?

Yes, I did. This was the first time I voted in an any election, and administrating such pages urged me to be a responsible citizen to do fulfill my duty.




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