Jimmy Fallon And Justin Timberlake Revive History Of Rap

JT makes his first Tonight Show appearance and a musical skit was just the way to pop the cherry

Alden Dsilva February 24, 2022

Jimmy Fallon, the new face of The Tonight Show, has been absolutely stunning in this new avatar playing TV show host that is not Late Night. That he is a funny guy is a simple given, but what has indeed been fascinating is the amount of entertainment he has been providing from the time he got the position. Following last week’s evolution of hip hop dance video, Fallon more recently took to the stage with Justin Timberlake to provide possibly the best history of rap music take ever. This is the fifth video in the series, following up to the earlier four series he did with JT on Late Night. A man of many talents indeed, you got to watch him to believe him.