Coshish Release Two Music Videos

Watch the Prog Rockers’ visual offering from their album Firdous, Bhula Do Unhey and Hum Hain Yahin

Pop Team March 20, 2022


Things for Mumbai prog rockers Coshish seem to panning in the perfect direction, and since the release of their debut album, “Firdous” in September 2013, the band couldn’t be possibly be on a better upward spiral. The band released two music videos: one for Hum Hai Yahin and for Bhula Do Unhey. The former video has been completely shot on the Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone. Says drummer Hamza Kazi, “We were fortunate enough to partner with Nokia. The video isn’t exactly in line with the story but is certainly laced with subtle hints. The focus of the Nokia video was to make indie bands aware of the fact that you can now shoot music videos with a smartphone and still make it good enough for TV. This will definitely be a game changer that will revolutionize our rock scene.”

Vocalist of the band Mangesh Gandhi continues, “The reason we chose the particular song for such a video is the parameters we had been set upon. Our themes are often multi-layered, and given the theme of this song itself, we knew that it would match perfectly with such sort of video work. Production company 42FPS directed and shot the entire video in one day flat, and that is awesome”

Bhula Do Unhey is a concept song from a concept album according to Kazi. “With Bhula Do Unhey we’re giving out the most critical element of the main story – revealing to the audience the mysterious figure who’s written the lyrics behind the photos that you can find in the album packaging.”