Tyrion Lannister: The Wolf Of Wall Street And Game Of Thrones’ Love child

Another one of those mad videos only the internet could think up of: and we love it

Pop Team March 25, 2022


There’s Leonardo Di Caprio as Jordan Belfort and then there’s Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister- how different are these two guys from each other?  One of them is a schemer scheming things out of other people, so is the other. One of them is an insufferable womanizer, as is the other. They also, quite unsurprisingly then, both love to  delve into drinking with a host of people from all over the place. No wonder someone thought of making this awesome mash video title “The Dworf Of Westeros” featuring design elements from “The Wolf Of Wall Street” along with “Game Of Thrones” footage, all to Kanye West’s Black Skinhead, which is one of the OSTs for the movie. Proof enough that a hint of Martin Scorcese with a touch of George R.R.  Martin is pretty much what cracks the internet up these days.