Food Review: The Bar Night, Blue Frog

Alcohol, music and super environment makes for a fun evening at the Lower-Parel nightclub

Alden Dsilva April 17, 2022
Photo Courtesy: blueFROG Mumbai

Cover band Jukebox during their performance
Photo Courtesy: blueFROG Mumbai

Few things can beat a combination of good music, good vibes, good food and alcohol all at the same time and place. And that’s exactly the kind of experience Blue Frog, Lower Parel is setting in place with the Blue Frog Bar Nights. Held every Tuesday night, with a live band playing from 8 to 11 PM and music and service on until 12.30 AM, it’s a night that has super potential to grow into what not.

Bar Night is an ode to alcohol that’s reasonably cheaper here than a lot of other places would serve, all while providing the Blue Frog ambience and feel that many have loved over time, even if their pockets have not. A whole lot of different deals are on offer ranging from Frog Quarters of varied spirits at Rs 500, and wine at retail prices, with domestic wines starting at Rs 650 and international wines, at Rs 1100. A cocktail pitcher at Rs 1500 seems reasonably well-priced.  A personal favourite though would have to be the White Zen brew of the newly-launched Craft beer from Gateway Breweries. A nice wheat-based German-styled beer, the flavour and texture of the beer is just perfect. Unfortunately, the other two brews by Craft do not hold a candle against the White Zen. The beers are at an introductory price of Rs 200, so that’s pretty neat. All of these offers are subject to additional taxes, so you may want to calculate accordingly when you do go for The Bar Night. Is it worth the experience? Totally.

Good music is often the best accompaniment for alcohol, and so Blue Frog managed that aspect pretty well. Cover band Jukebox played music from the 1960s to the Naughties, with their repertoire ranging from Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time to Yellow by Coldplay and even David Guetta’s Titanium, for which, electro-rock band Vega Massive’s vocalist Sarosh Nanavaty joined in. In the true essence of a spirit-influenced sing-along, the band played The Beatles’ classic Hey Jude for a good fifteen minutes, followed by a cover of Backstreet Boys Everybody, infused with lyrics from Annie Lennox’s Sweet Dreams and Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes, among other songs. The band was not at its tightest best, but given the fun, relaxed, laid back atmosphere, they played well enough to keep the audiences swooning and chilling out.

Here’s the lowdown though. When a person reads “bar”, he’d typically associate it with alcohol that is much, much cheaper than Blue Frog is selling at. While these new offers by the venue may be superb in comparison to the venue’s and similar venues’ regular deals, a whole lot of people would still find it comparatively heavy on the pocket. At the end of the day, the aim would be to get people who literally go pick alcohol from the wine shop, and ensure they come with their friends for such fun events. The food is good, the alcohol is good again, the ambience as always is lovely, and the music, just the right amount of fun and engagement. It’s not a bad experience at all, this Blue Frog Bar Night, but there definitely needs to be a lot more promotion of this weekly event, and interactions with regulars to see what more can be incorporated to make the most of the night.



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