Video: P-Man Music Files At Bombay Asylum

What happens when Indian metal’s enfant terrible Rohit Pereira stumps Hacride? Find out

Pop Team June 19, 2022

There’s isn’t much guesswork required here. No scripts to go on. Nothing predictable. Over the past one year, metalhead and musician Rohit Pereira has been bringing his inert madness and airing his unsatiable curiosities through the “P-Man Music Files,” a frequent YouTube show. Besides attempting to learn ball room dancing, Bharatanatyam and  a series of other questionable things, Pereira has also been religiously hanging out backstage at what he calls the Black Carpet and interviewing musicians from the indie scene. We recently spotted Pereira, who has been in scene-changing metal acts Pin Drop Violence and Khiladi previously, getting more than just up close and personal at the first edition of fortnightly metal gigs in Mumbai, Bombay Asylum brought to you by Aaargh shooting his next video. Besides tracing the transformation of a club into a full-throttle metal stage (Club Escape, Andheri), P-Man empathized with the state of the French metallers Hacride on their survival tips in India without tissue paper. The boys from Nothnegal gave P-Man a culture shock over popularity of Bollywood (Aamir Khan) in Maldives. Albatross talked about life after their bandmates’ nuptials. It’s all in a day’s work. Catch Periera next host the upcoming Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2013 on June 23. Details here.