Watch: Vasuda Sharma’s Music Video For Maajhi

The singer/songwriter traipses through Mumbai in single from her upcoming album, “Attuned Spirits”

Pop Team September 3, 2022

Free spirited and romantic - is the best way describe singer/songwriter Vasuda Sharma’s melodic songwriting and folksy lyricism. The young musician has been writing original music and channeling Alanis Morissette/Janis Joplin’s feminine and feminist energy on stage ever since she broke free from her pop act Aasma a few years ago. The classically trained vocalist and Berklee College of music graduate has been working on her debut album “Attuned Spirits,”  recorded between Mumbai and Boston and mastered by London-based record  producer Donal Whelan. Sharma managed to raise Rs 5 lakh  for producing and promoting the album through a crowd-sourcing project she kicked off in March this year. Last week, she released a music video for Maajhi, that will also feature in the 11-track album that is set to release on October 11, 2013.

Shot by Rolling Films, Maajhi is a montage of time lapse sequences from all over Mumbai - the local train to a park bench,  Marine Drive promenade, and interspersed with shots taken by Sharma herself in hometown Mathura of a maajhi rowing idly. All this as seen through the eyes of a salwar-kameez clad Sharma. “The idea of the song translates into the concept of the video, which is about the pace of any city and how we all ease into the flow of that pace,” says Sharma. The four-minuter video’s sequence is edited to reverse itself completely in the last two minutes.


Sharma is also working on a second music video of Laagi Lagan, which will be shot by filmmaker Srinivas Sunderrajan (“The Untitiled Kartik Krishnan Project” ) that she hopes will release sometime in September end.

  • Catch Vasuda Sharma perform at the album launch gig at the Blue Frog on October 10, 2013. Details to be announced soon.