Film Review: Warning 3D

Disclaimer: Watch at your own risk

Jas October 3, 2022
  • Direction
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  • Story
  • Music


Here’s a warning: better not watch Gurmmeet Singh’s “Warning 3D.” When the promos of this aqua thriller hit the screens, I was curious: will we be treated to a on the edge, nail biting re-enactment of the razor-sharp-rip-you-apart “Jaws?” Or will we be engrossed in solving a crime and cracking a murder mystery? Better still, is there a psycho on board killing everyone one by one? “Warning 3D,” to our dismay, had none of the above. Even its shark infested waters are nowhere near scary.

The film is about five old buddies catching up after many years on a friend’s yacht in Fiji. There are the lingerings of love, nostalgia of good ol’ days, hints of fast friendships, a stiff husband, a gori mem and a little baby girl on board. Song, dance, drinks, and what follows is a trip to the middle of the ocean, middle of nowhere to be exact. A dip in the pool, a rookie mistake later all of them except the baby and a gorgeous looking golden labrador, find themselves stranded in the cold water with no ladder to climb back to the anchored yacht. You’d expect fear, anger, shiver, breakdowns - but instead we get a whole bunch of songs and wide angle shots of the ocean and a very lazy climax. If only Singh had taken a “dive” of faith and given us a deeper perspective.