The Alternative Breaking Bad Ending

Fans dreams come true as Cranston lives to be the one who knocks anyway to feature in a DVD box set to release soon

Sharin Bhatti November 20, 2021
The Alternative Breaking Bad Ending

Last month, as scores of fans worldwide counted down for AMC’s contentious show “Breaking Bad’s” series finale, show creator Vince Gilligan and producer/star Bryan Cranston, who essayed Walter White, were inundated with the idiom of prospective endings. One particular one that caught their fancy was the Cranston’s White would make a clean break from his meth empire and find a new identity as his other long-running TV character of Buzz Aldrin that he played in “Malcolm In The Middle.” The whole Mr Chips-to-Scarface-to-Aldrin transformation became the inspiration for this video meme that will be featured as part of the DVD extras in the “Breaking Bad” box-set that released on November 26, 2013. In the video, Cranston’s Aldrin wakes up with a start in his “Malcolm In The Middle” room from a “Breaking Bad” nightmare where he recounts his entire show dream to on screen wife Jane Kaczmarek. There are references to his Heisenberg hat, Hector Salamanca, child man Jesse’s excessive use of the B-word and of course his tighty whities he sports through the show as White. He does end up being the “one who knocks as well” at a human back door.