Kindly Listen to Cynic’s New song

American prog rockers Cynic release new lyric video a month before their third album launch

Alden Dsilva January 18, 2022

Earlier this week, American progressive rock band Cynic released the lyric video for Kindly Bent To Free Us, which is also the title track of their third album, set to release in February 2014. There are no two ways about it- if you are the kind who grooves to the proggier things in life, Cynic are on your list of favourites. Kindly Bent To Free Us incorporates heap loads of off-time signatures, very sketchily designed to probably numb brains. The drums, in fact, seem to be playing a whole different track at times from the rest of the instruments, and yet there seems to be such beautiful synchronization through and through. Subtly changing guitar progressions also render the track much more dreamier along with the pseudo-psychotic lyrics. Add to that the super spatial feel of the sound sampling, and finally the uber-trippy lyrics and video itself, and voila, there you have it: a song to break down technically into a thousand pieces, and enjoy time and again, over and over.

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