Albatross release “In The Lair Of Doctor Hex”

Get ready for a shot of some very well-crafted, thought-induced heavy metal

Alden Dsilva January 29, 2022

Fear From The Skies

The mental element of horror metal propagators Albatross comes right back into play with the release of In The Lair Of Dr. Hex from the upcoming album “Fear From The skies”. The brilliance of the song lies in the emotion it seeks to evoke: every listen of the song provides a different outlook; ranging from aggression against “the man” to the ethereal grabbing of power under a new guise. Maybe the song is an ode by the band to  the present life and times; maybe it is a kaleidoscopic view of the songwriters’ train of thought, but well captured the essence of the song is, lyrically, musically and thematically. The members of the band do each of the instruments good justice, while vocalist Biproshee Das seems to have upped even himself in terms of vocal variation through the song, and the solos- delicious. What else the album has on offer, time will tell, hopefully sooner than later.

A song that captures Albatross music at its unique best, you must give this song quite a few listens.