Watch Priyanka Chopra’s Music Video For Exotic

Her follow-up to 2012′s “In My City,” is what we imagine, an homage to R&B stars of the 1990s, featuring Pitbull

Sharin Bhatti July 15, 2022

What happens when “Mr Worldwide” meets “Ms World” at a poolside party in “Miami” on their way to “Rio?” Something that comes off looking like a life-size JLO-Mariah Carey mockup covered in bad Pitbull juju.  Exotic is Piryanka Chopra’s second single off her LA-studio outing with Lady Gaga-endorsed Interscope Records after last year’s heavily auto-tuned In My City. The music video was released late last week and since then we’ve only been watching the four-minuter with a mental mixtape rehash of every debilitating, female-fronted, over-blinged R&B track from the 1990s - from Jenny From The Block  to Honey. We’ll even include Will Smith’s Miami and heck even throw in Pitbull’s most notorious number, Back In Time. Although he does’t pick on Ray Charles this time, he does snigger, “Bon Jovi I’m wanted Dead or alive, and ya better get with it. And in music game I’m more of a dead than alive.” If the WTF lyrics don’t kill, the video will, combined with Piggy Chops heavily-accented continual nasal auto-tuning and the mandatory bhangra chants of “Oye oye” in the Hindi chorus. But that’s a lesson In My City has already taught us. We are sincerely hoping the video is a homage to Mariah Carey’s booty-shaking, nude bikini and coming-out-of-the-pool shots or atleast a curtsy to Beyonce’s really high heels (Ms Chopra walks in and out of a swimming pool in sky-high pink pumps leaving us and what we assume the video editor confused). Enough jabber from us.

Watch and tell us what you think: