Preview: Filter Coffee To Play Bomb Thursdays

Post rockers from Bengaluru Until We Last and Space Behind The Yellow Room, and blues outfit The Kanchan Daniel Band will be taking stage this week

Alden Dsilva September 10, 2022

Artwork - Namaah Jumar

This Thursday open your ears to experimental sounds of psychedelic rock (Space Behind The Yellow Room), environmental rock (Until We Last), Indian ethnotronic (Filter Coffee) and blues (The Kanchan Daniel Band), because the folks at ennui.BOMB are bringing it all together at this week’s BOMB Thursday1s August 12, 2022 at Kino 108. Read on to discover new sounds this week.

Act: Space Behind The Yellow Room, Bengaluru

Play: Four-piece psychedelic rock outfit Space Behind The Yellow Room is Shoumik Biswas on drums and vocals, Nihar Apte on guitars and vocals, Devasheesh Sharma on guitars and Tushar Ganguly on bass. A little older than a year, the Bengaluru-based band play a mix of electronica-based rock that lends a unique space-y edge to their heavily-sampled riffing.

Sounds Like: The band believe they “don’t sound like anybody or anything in particular.” The spatial, largely improv-based sonic quality in their songs is largely due to the fact that each of the members allow each other to grow and experiment within the songwriting process. Sensing our confusion, Biswas offers a suggestion, “There’s no way to explain it unless you hear us. it’s active listening, you know. You need to follow the sound closely to be able to really get into it.” The band have recorded a few originals and plan to bring out an EP soon. While they have multiple inspirations and influence to their eclectic music, the band find their inspiration in acts like Infected Mushroom, 30 Seconds To Mars, Foals, Animals As Leaders, Bjork, Fall of Troy, Tool and Mutemath.

At BOMB Thursdays: The guys in the band seem extremely kicked about their performance, especially since it’s their first set ever in Mumbai. “We recently started using a bit of electronics, not much. So that, and some vocal stuff we are figuring out,” says Biswas.



Act:  Until We Last, Bengaluru

Play: What started out as guitarist Ketan Bahirat’s bedroom project in the summer of 2011, the final lineup for Until We Last came about in 2012. Besides Bahirat, there is Bhargav Sosale and Chaithanya Jade on guitars, Anjan Bhojraj on the bass and Ralston D’Souza on drums. The keyboardist of the band, Ayush Jain left the band only recently. An instrumental post rock from Bengaluru, Until We Last play heavily on the “human hand and the state of the world” theme.

Sounds Like: Until We Last’s music is filled with space/post rock elements, with steady riffs through their songs, a heavy bass line that flows evenly throughout, and compelling drum work. In the absence of a vocalist in the band, the entire ambiance of their music is built within the sound of the three guitars and the heavy use of effects. Their theme of the environment lingers on through, and Bahirat explains, “Humans, in the name of growth are creating and ‘developing’ the world so much, but we don’t realize that it’s killing the very planet we live on. This is our message to the world through our music.” While drawing inspiration from everything Earth and life-themed, the band considers their strongest influences in Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, God is an Astronaut, Hammock and Caspian. The band recently released a bootleg CD with five of their tracks and intends to launch an album by late 2013 or early 2014.

At Bomb Thursdays:

Until We Last is excited like hell about their set at BOMB Thursdays, and considering it’s their first gig in the city, their excitement is justifiable. At Kino’s 108, they will also be giving out free copies of their bootleg CDs.



Act:  Filter Coffee, Mumbai

Play: Mumbai-based “ethnotronic duo,” Shriram Sampath (flutes and electronica) and Swarupa Ananth (tabla, percussion and vocals) make up the members of the super-earthy, super-fresh sounding Filter Coffee. Playing since 2009, Filter Coffee gives their signature take on the east-meets-west paradigm, through their unique sonic fusion of Indian classical and electronica.

Sounds Like: Sharing their recipe for their perfect sonic fare, Sampath says, “Put together some guitar riffs, the sound of a bamboo flute, a tabla and throw in a funky electronic groove, brew it with some earthly vocals and you get ‘Filter Coffee.’” The music style takes the best of different worlds, intertwining Indian classical music with electronic beats to come up with a product that is so intriguing that the duo are not only popular here, but have found quite an impressive backing from audiences across the United Kingdom where they recently concluding a tour, with people grooving to their tracks wherever they went. The duo has been working on material for their soon to be released unnamed EP, which will have three of their songs, and are aiming for a November 2013 release for the same.

At BOMB Thursdays: Filter Coffee sees this gig as one among a countdown to their soon to be released EP, and so will be playing a lot of their new material. While they were on tour in UK, the duo played some of their newer material and it is this same material that they will be doing during their 40-minute set at Fresh Talent Bomb Thursdays. Guest performing with them will be Indian classical/folk singer Jahanvi Shrimankar, who will accompany them on a rendition of a Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan song.


Act:  The Kanchan Daniel Band, Mumbai

Play:  The Kanchan Daniel Band is definitely among the city’s more well recognized Blues outfits and its current lineup consists of Kanchan Daniel on vocals, Mukesh Lobo on keyboards, Sahil Shah on drums and percussion, Anand Kamath on bass guitar, and Sanjay Ajmera and Ross D’Souza on guitars. Ajmera and D’Souza in fact have joined the band only recently, taking the place of former guitarists Aditya Bhide and Anirudh Pai.  The band is a whacked-out group, making the most of their interactions with audiences when they are performing and keeping it alive as much as possible. So popular in fact are their acts, that they often have had to play more songs than their sets demand for. Those are the times when Daniel gets into her “Wiggle Mama” mode, something we realize has to be witnessed firsthand to understand fully. 

Sounds Like: The Kanchan Daniel Band is a true blues act. What sets the band apart from every other band though, is the rawness and range in Daniel’s voice- a violence that rips across the otherwise a smooth serenade. Musically, the band takes inspiration from a whole lot of diverse acts, including the works of Etta James, Janis Joplin, Nina Simone, B.B King, Jerry Garcia, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy,Ray Charles, Mark Villar and Volodos and bands like Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. The band plans on releasing their debut EP early next year

At Bomb Thursdays: With two new guitarists in place, the band is set to make a round of bring-down-the-roof blues. Besides they plan on some hip shaking, tambourine breaking, crazy blues wielding moves that the band is known to throw at the audience from time to time. We will be rooting for Jackie (their most popular OC)




  • Attend Fresh Talent BOMB Thursdays on September 12, 2022 at Kino 108, Andheri East, 8.45 pm onwards. Entry Rs 200 Details here.