If FPS Russia Was Actually FPS Punjab

YouTube star Jus Reign reimagines his fellow breed of popular online heroes in their Indian avatars

Sharin Bhatti March 13, 2022

Testing custom UZIs and double barreled gauge monster guns in slow mo demonstrative shootouts may be a tad bit too high-fi for us gun no-totting Indians. But what we do have is the power of the “lathi.” And that’s what the blazin’-gun celebrating popular YouTube channel FPS Russia‘s lo-fi desi cousin would display on his FPS Punjab channel. Punjab police, his choice of weapon - a stick, a Punjabi vitriol spitter and actor Rupan Bal and some free countrymen choose the idle countryside of the state’s famous mustard fields to let you in on how to effectively execute the perfect butt spank. That’s the content of Jus Reign’s latest parody video where he reimagines his fellow of online heroes if they were Indian. This is the stuff viral trolling is made of. Watch what all he’s done to the Shaytards, Wheezy Waiter, Ray William Johnson, PewDiePie, Fluffee Talks, Superwoman, Grace Helbig and Kassem G.